Making clean air a reality.

 with a supermaterial from forest side streams!

A sustainable supermaterial

Adsorbi has developed an innovative material from forest industry side streams that cleans air in a revolutionary way. Our technology is a biomaterial that captures and stores pollutants with high efficiency. The high surface area and affinity for pollutants enables more sustainable and secure air purification.

Startup sprung from research!

Adsorbi is a research-based startup sprung from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our research within applied chemistry has been focused on developing efficient bio-based materials for air purification.

On a mission to fight pollution!

Our mission is to to accelerate the world's transition to clean air by capturing air pollutants based on forest industry side streams. We want to make a global impact and improve air quality for people across the world. To reach our goals, we have developed a supermaterial that cleans air in a revolutionary way.

Who uses our material?

Our patented technology is ideal for air filtration systems and air purifiers where our contribution is sustainability and increased product life span. Our solution is also used for preventing artwork from deterioration as well as increased odor control in personal care products and air freshener products.

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Hanna Johansson

CEO at Adsorbi

Funded by the European Union