Making pollution removal a reality.

 With a super material that cleans air!

On a mission to fight pollution!

Our mission is to to accelerate the world's transition to clean air by capturing air pollutants. We want to make a global impact and improve air quality for +1 billion people. To reach our goals, we have developed a supermaterial that cleans air in a revolutionary way.

/ Kinga Grenda, CTO

What we do

Adsorbi is a research-based startup sprung from Chalmers University. We enable improved air control by a biomaterial that captures pollution in a groundbreaking way. Our patented technology is ideal for air filtration systems and air purifiers where our contribution is sustainability and longer product life.

A proven super material

Our sustainable bio-based material can capture pollutants with more than +400% efficiency compared to competitive material - which is a BIG deal. We emphasize that this technology will enable millions of pollutants to be captured and removed in a scalable and cost-effective way.


High adsorbing capacity. Resists mold, fungus and bacteria growth. Light weight, dust free, Non-toxic, Non-releasing.


Possible to produce material of desired shape, size, and pore structure, and to add new features on-demand. 


Using sustainable production techniques to lower the environmental impact by cellulose from the Swedish forest.


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