Making pollution removal a reality.

 With a super material that cleans air!

On a mission to fight pollution!

Our mission is to to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable air by fighting air pollution. At Adsorbi, we want to become an impact unicorn by enabling capturing and removal of pollution for +1 billion people. We will contribute and reach our goal by our new super material that cleans air in a very unique way.

/ Kinga Grenda, CTO

What we do

Adsorbi is a research-based startup sprung from Chalmers University. We enable improved air control by a bio-based foam that captures pollution in a groundbreaking way. Our patented technology is ideal for micro environments such as storing or packaging of food, artwork, batteries, books, and personal care products.

A proven super material

Our sustainable bio-based material can pull volatile pollutants by more than +400% compared to competitive material - which is a BIG deal. We emphasize that this technology will enable millions of pollutants to be captured and removed in a scalable and cost-effective way


High adsorbing capacity. Resists mold, fungus and bacteria growth. Chemically stable. Non-toxic, Non-releasing.


Possible to produce material of desired shape, size, and pore structure, and to add new features on-demand. 


Light weight, easy to handle, rigid, good shock absorbing. Fireproof, dust-free, non-staining, free of damaging components. 

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